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About TheVeganItch

Hello and welcome to TheVeganItch blog,
This blog was born after my friends and family did not know what to cook or where to take me to eat. The name TheVeganItch emerged after seeing so many people wanting to stop eating meat but do not know how to. After so much searching for the ideal name for the blog, my daughter Joanna came out with this name, I loved the name and TheVeganItch was created.

Our goal is to give you advice, ideas, recipes and products that help you stop eating meat and not experimenting with animals and take you by the hand with this new lifestyle based on plants on a budget.

If you have asked yourself:
“What is a plant-based lifestyle?”
“What can I eat?”
“What can I wear?”
“What kind of makeup can I use?”
“Where can I eat?” ….
or if you have any other questions or concerns about the meatless lifestyle … you are in the RIGHT place!

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About me

Thank you very much for taking your time and visiting TheVeganItch. I am Miguelina, I like animals, eat, travel, dance and cook.

Since childhood, I have always liked animals. I welcomed home  stray dogs that I found in my neighborhood.  As well as unwanted animals in other houses.  I have had dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, mice, hamsters, fish, parrots, parakeets, pigeons and cockatoos …

After years of eating meat, I started to become aware of the cruelty.  I was sorry to eat my best friends, the animals. In 1999, I made the decision to stop eating meat, but I did not know how to cook vegetables.

When I told people that I did not eat meat, they labeled me Vegetarian, I did not consider myself “vegetarian”,  I did not eat vegetables. I simply stopped eating meat.

One day I went to a PETA meeting at a vegan restaurant in NYC.  I discovered the wonderful world of vegan restaurants. Oh! My God ! I fell in love with the food. I eat Vegan Cheese Cake for the first time. The next day I went to the public library to look for meat-free recipe books that I how started creating my own recipes with a Latin touch LOL . I cooked food from other countries and the rest is history. The hardest part was leaving the cheese. But after highs and lows, I made it. Now I’m vegan.  I have more options to eat than before. I love to eat!