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New Year, New Lifestyle, More Veggies

If you don’t eat enough veggies, this is the year to add more veggies to your new lifestyle.  I am going to show you new tools and tricks to help you on your journey. I promise it will be fun.


Spiralizer is easy to use.  Spiralizer make vegetables and fruits into colorful health meal and noodle shapes.   Instead of using pasta, you can make spaghetti with vegetable. Also, you can transform your potatoes and sweet potatoes into curly fries. Yummy!!!


It is the best machine to extract the juice of vegetables and fruits.  Drinking pure fresh juice can help you to lose weight and clean your system and of course more health benefits.  Just select the best for you, Juice extractor or cold press juicer.


You can puree, liquefy, blend and mix all your veggies and fruits.  you can live without a blender, just kidding! It is very convenience machine to prepare your veg meals, you can make great shapes, baby food, smoothies and more. I highly recommend a HighSpeed.


Food Procesor is one of my favorites cooking too, help me to chop, slice, shred, mix, pure and more. Excellent to make your health salad, guacamole, pico de gallo, sofrito y easy masa para pasteles.

Have fun with them and add more vegetables and fruits to your life this year.